Americans CRAZED and DELUSIONAL in mass number

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

I put together a list of things that have happened just this week. When you look at these stories together it really makes it seem like the country's coming off the rails. Normally all you get from the news is the hottest sound bites, click bait and breaking news repeated over and over again. You never get to see the totally of the insanity. And, it's like there are mass numbers of people that are crazy and delusional.

Why is it happening. I have a few theories. The wide spread use of videos available on our cell phones, the internet and cable news are a few. Social media also plays a big role because it creates a distorted perception of reality. And, it's well known that even sane people when exposed enough to insanity will themselves become psychotic. With everyone spending so much time on social media it's not so hard to explain why so many people are acting irrationally.

But, there's another part of this story. The desperate political attempts by radicals who are calling themselves democrats. The incidents are coming faster, becoming more intense and more aggressive. What's all this leading too?

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