PREACH open borders free trade: COMPLAIN about foreign business interests

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

It's funny how the same people that preach open borders and free trade complain about people that have business interests in other countries. CBS ran a story trying to tie Trumps old lawyer Michael Cohen to Russia. The headline reads Sanctioned Russian oligarch linked to Cohen has vast U.S. ties. Supposedly this Russian had real estate investments in the US and contributed money for political campaigns. Somehow this has people up in arms.

How is it the same people pushing open borders and free trade freak out every time they find out a Russian has business interests here? Or that an American had business interests in Russia. Isn't that what open borders and free trade is supposed to look like?

The largest influx of foreign nationals isn't from Russia at all. It's China and Canadians are second. You might be surprised where their moving too.

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