Bernie Sanders Made $1M - Guess How Much He Donated To Colleges

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He's honest about that but that doesn't make him honorable. I know there's a lot of people that support him but just because he's popular doesn't make him right. As a matter of fact the things he promotes are very dangerous. I'm going to expose that by explaining the hypocrisy of his idea of free college and his fundamental belief of taking from some to give to others. It's a ruthless tactic that perfectly illustrates why this country is so divided.

While he campaigned for president he chanted two simple words, "free college" and, the people cheered. They selfishly cheered his lie without ever considering the fallacy of the entire thing. What about his program is free? It's not free at all. His plan was to take. He wants to take from people he believes you can't identify with. He vilifies people you don't even know and convinced millions of people it was a just and noble cause. Bernie's free college program is not free at all and that makes it a lie. If he is so willing to lie about something so obviously untrue what else is he willing to conceal?

Bernie made a million dollars last year, his second year in a row. He makes $175,000 a year as a congressman. Not too bad for a career politician who has dedicated his life to political activism. The rest of his earnings, over $800,000 came from book royalties. If he were truly a man of integrity wouldn't he donate all that money to pay for free college? Isn't that the whole platform he built his name on? If he believes in it so much why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is?

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