Blue Lives Matter: Latest Police News & Hot Stories

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What would happen if the police didn't come? Have we forgotten the role of police in a free society? You can't have liberty and freedom without law and order. It's impossible. A society without law and order is not civilized. It's mayhem.

The police are constantly criticized. When an officer does something wrong the whole world gets to watch over and over again. There's riots and protests and calls for justice. What about when the police do something right? Where's the attention then?

I have a few stories to share with you. A New York City police officer stabbed in the eye after he used his tazer instead of shooting the attacker. Two cops in North Carolina ambushed, shot in the back for no reason. Cops responding to an animal cruelty call attacked and then accused of attacking the attackers. Luckily the whole thing was caught on video. A lone officer attacked and beaten at a bar because he didn't want to draw his gun on an unarmed suspect.

We've created a season where the perpetrators are now the victims and people that protect us are no labeled racist murderers. So, what would happen if they just didn't come around anymore?

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