A Big Internet Crash Is Coming

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How long can the current wild, wild west of the internet age continue? I don't believe the internet or age of technology we see today will be around forever. In fact my gut feeling is that it's already at a tipping point. Remember AOL? There was a time not too long ago it was cutting edge, everybody was in on it. Now it's gone.

Now the change is happening even faster. There's a few big fundamental problems going on with tech and the internet right now. Social media has become addictive but it's basically worthless. Sooner or later people will become bored with it. A lot of what we see with Google and FaceBook is easily replicated. It's just a matter of time before people move to something else. In fact in the future there might be more choices not revolving so much around these 2 companies. Amazon is easily replicated too and it's just a matter of time before other companies start doing the same things. Walmart is already offering home delivery. There's a Chinese version of Amazon. Apple is also getting stagnant and there's only so much you can use a phone for. So it's not going to last forever. The change will come, it's just a matter of when.

Google and other tech companies shelter billions of dollars in elaborate subsidiary schemes using offshore companies, shell companies to avoid taxes. FaceBook and Google manipulate data which has effected everything from public perception to elections. All the tech companies are collecting massive amounts of personal data in a way the world has never seen before. The government is scaling down net neutrality which means internet companies have even more freedom to manipulate what we see. There's talks of new censorship laws which as bad as that might sound internet companies are already practicing their own form of censorship. There's an antitrust case going on right now that stems from overcharging through the use of monopolized apps. And that's only part of it.

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