The Fight That Brought Peace: North Korea

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Is peace good? After Trumps meeting with Kim in Singapore there are opinions galore. Some praising Trump and many attacking him for every little detail. Isn't it funny the things people will latch onto all the while missing the real point. Peace.

Maybe the drug fueled peace activists of the 50's forgot about the 36,914 Americans that lost their lives fighting in the Korean War. If you stood them shoulder to shoulder they'd span 10 miles. Isn't that enough? How many more would give their lives if this war were fought again?

There is a legitimate question in all this. How do you make peace with an evil dictator accused of war crimes. Quite a dichotomy. So let me ask this, what's the answer? What's a better solution? Attacking and fighting a war that would probably kill millions and reducing the country to ruble? Would that be a better starting point?

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