ROBOT TAKEOVER: Is Andrew Wang for President 2020 the Answer?

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

I did a show the week before last where I talked about Free Money - Basic Guaranteed Income and 2 big things came up that I thought would be worth discussing. The first is a huge technology advancement that could be the tipping point of automation in my opinion. Watching this happen in real time is really very exciting and a little scary at the same time because nobody knows for sure how this is going to ultimately change our lives. What we're looking at is a new class of machines, intelligent, highly capable machines that have the capacity to completely change the world. I'm not talking about a shift like the internet or cell phones. I'm talking about a complete departure from our way of life.

The second is a guy named Andrew Wang who's running for president pretty much solely on this platform of how to deal with this change. This is a guy with some interesting ideas. I'm trying to get an interview with him in the meantime I want to share some of the things he's talking about because he's the first person I've seen that one has a vision of how to get ahead of technology, something our government has consistently failed to do and secondly he's making sense. That's not something you see every day in a political candidate. Can he become the next president? I don't know but I'll tell you one thing some of his ideas are something you out to hear. And, this brings up an important question - SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CARING FOR THE PUBLIC IN AN AUTOMATED WORLD? People say it's coming, the question is will we be prepared for it.

So hit the play button!

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