Black Men's Arrest at Philadelphia Starbucks Prompts City Probes Amid National Outcry

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

This story is creating a buzz. Two African American men were waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks when they were arrested for refusing to leave the store after they asked to use the bathroom. Now Black Lives Matter is involved, the video of the arrest has like 9 million views and there have been protests outside the store.

You might already know I'm not a big fan of Starbucks for 2 reasons. One, I'm not crazy about their coffee and Two they like to get involved in making cultural issues political. So, as far as I'm concerned they can suffer the consequences. But let's get to the issues here because I see two.

The first issue, was this a racial incident? The police supervisor was black. They don't show it in the video but I'd guess the Starbucks staff was at least mixed maybe even black as well. If you look at that you'd have to ask how race played a role in this. But, there's more to that and I want to talk it through from both angles.

The second, issue, does an establishment have a right to restrict access to a restroom? Supposedly this store has a policy that only paying customers can use the restroom. The Philadelphia police chief claims there was an incident a while ago where a police sergeant was denied access to the restroom so there is at least some consistency here.

So hit the play button!

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