Sean Hannity, Jimmy Kimmel: War of Words

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Apparently Sean Hannity has a launched a viscous war of words and a Twitter attack on Jimmy Kimmel for making a joke about Melania Trump. That's how CNN put it, not my words theirs because I wouldn't generally call personal insults a war or Tweet generally viscous. But, I guess everybody needs a click or 10 second sound bite these days.

I don't really listen or watch Hannity or Kimmel but I went and checked out some of the back and forth between these two. Basically Kimmel did a bit poking fun Melania Trumps' Easter book reading and her accent. Hannity jumped all over that and attacked Kimmel for some his past bits on the Man Show. And, so the war began. My question is who really cares? I could honestly care less about any of this but it does point to something significant.

There's a saying that stupid people talk about people, smart people talk about things but wise people talk about ideas. I'll let Hannity and Kimmel decide where they fit into that mix. But, this just goes to the point of my theory that we've turned into the Jerry Springer nation. You've got one of the country's top talk show hosts and a late night TV host acting out like to 13 year old's. If that's not enough it actually becomes news and gets picked up by top media outlets. It goes further. Now, there's a protest petition with over 50,000 signatures being sent to Disney asking them to fire Kimmel over his comments.

What has become of the state of news and media in this country? I can only assume that this what people want. Let me just ask you, what purpose does it serve?

All this is a big change from when I grew up. Back then the news and talk radio were a lot different. There was a certain level of professionalism and respect. I realize there's an entertainment element of news and commentary but does that mean it has to be trashy to be entertaining? It makes me wonder about the intelligence level of not only the people producing it but the mass numbers of people tuning in. Whether it's having an impact or it's a reflection it says something about our society.

So hit the play button!

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