What Your Heroes Say About You?

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Who do you look up too, who do you respect and why? Have you ever thought about it? It says a lot about you. It's kind of a mirror into who you want to be. If goals and success are our compass, our heroes, the people we look up too and admire are the magnets that direct that compass.

You might have a lot different kinds of heroes. People we admire for a lot of different reasons. Parents, coaches, celebrities, teachers, entrepreneurs, athletes, veterans. Even our parents.

And, the character of the people you look up too is a reflection of who you want to be. So who is that? What are you modeling yourself after? It's kind of a big deal and something worth considering carefully.

What is the value in finding our heroes and what do our heroes say about us?

So hit the play button!

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