The Case Against Free College

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Free College, Free College people are lined up by the millions to support the idea. The fact that the government already subsidizes half the cost of college education just isn’t enough. If we just picked up a little more of the cost, if we just got the government a little more involved all the problems would go away. How many times will people fall for this line. That somehow more government will fix the problem.

The problem is that the cost of college has gotten out of control that working class families can’t afford it. Despite the fact the government already picks up half the tab it’s not enough. So there’s a lot of people that hear Free College and without a second thought they jump right on board.

My father had a saying, if it’s too good to be true it probably is so let me just ask you this, what’s free about it? What’s free about Free College? It’s not free. People want to take money from somebody else to give it to someone who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to college. So what happens when the disadvantaged kids starts making money? Isn’t that money going to be taken from him so somebody else can have the opportunity? Do you see the self defeating nature of that? You have to be either completely lacking in any common sense or purely delusional to believe this.

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