Immigration: A World Without Borders

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Imagine you're out for the evening, maybe with your family and a fight breaks out on the streets. 80 men fighting with machetes. Well it happened a few days ago in Duisburg Germany where 80 Turkish, Lebanese and Kurdish immigrants were fighting with machetes. Police said they were spit on and had rocks and bottles thrown at them. The ones that were arrested refused to explain why they were fighting but all indications are it was rival gangs.

Ok, turn in your guns they say, open borders are good they say. Is this what we’re headed for? So why is it the German people are supposed to be so accepting when the people coming there, aren't even accepting of each other?

Some people would say no, that could never happen here because we’re the land of peace, love and happiness. Well me might get to test the theory soon.1,200 people are marching from central America through Mexico coming to the United States.

Some people say we don't need borders. That in this new modern era borders are no longer relevant. What is this new age of no borders and who would want that? What do you call a world without borders?

There's only one answer.

So hit the play button!

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