Threats From Russia: Putin Claims Nuclear Missiles Cannot Be Stopped

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says America’s destroying itself and that Russia has nuclear missiles that can penetrate any defense. He also said Russia would retaliate if hit by a nuclear attack, even if it led to “global catastrophe”

That doesn’t sound like let’s be friends kind of talk. What’s with this trash talk from Putin? In one interview he seemed to say America’s doomed to fail. That wasn’t long after he said Russia has invincible nuclear missiles that can’t be stopped. That sounds like a threat.

Why would he be making threatening comments now? Isn’t he supposed to be buddies with Trump and didn’t he just say not long ago that he wanted better relations with the United States?

Are these the types of comments that build a better relationship? And, what’s the deal with Russia anyway? Are they our friend or our enemy? It sure seems to bounce back and forth. Why’s that happening? I have a theory on why we’re seeing this and why we’ll always have this kind of tit for tat relationship with Russia.

The media has a grand old time with anything Russia. I guess it makes great news. But, it's enough to make the average citizen going crazy. Could Russian attack the United States? Well I guess anything's possible and there's the heart of a great lie - a little bit of truth. Either way why does Russia dominate the news the way it does? When you really look at and understand the country it's odd that his much of any influence. If it did happen, if the United States and Russia were to go to war, all-out war, who would win?

So hit the play button!

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