Socialism: The Great Lie

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Here's a riddle for you, what came first, greed or socialism? Isn't socialism supposed to be the answer to greed? Isn't that what it comes down too? Left to our own we're too selfish, that we have to work together for the greater good. Isn't that what socialism really is?

Socialism is a dirty word in this country so we use other words like liberal or progressive. But, socialism isn't liberal or progressive at all. It's a tired old idea that's failed over and over again.

We talk about democracy as the opposite of socialism but it's really not. In fact it's the same thing. Democracy is really making an agreement that the majority rules so we exchange personal freedom for a vote. That's what it is.

And socialism and democracy aren't necessarily separate. Political democracy along with social ownership is no less democracy than it is socialism. Now before you start thinking up ideas about all this or where you stand. Let me say this, chances are you are a socialist too.

So hit the play button!

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