Police Shootings: When Should Police Shoot?

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Last year there were 987 people shot and killed by police. At the same time, 44 police officers got shot and killed on duty. This is the sad reminder of the work police do every day. Guns, violence and killing are a way of life for police.

Look at the all the stuff they deal with. They respond to calls ranging from lost dogs, to domestic violence to armed robberies. And, every situation is different. They never know what their walking into. They never know who their dealing with or when somebody's going to turn violent. And the decision to shoot or not to shoot is usually made in nanoseconds. Sometimes, usually they only have a split second to make that decision. The question is, when does an officer decide to shoot?

Last week a cop got shot up when some guy opened fire on his car. This guy was shooting at relatives. Nice guy right. I guess somebody forgot to bring the pie. The cops come and the guy runs. When they finally catch up with him he start shooting at the car.

There were two cops shot and killed when they went into an apartment responding to domestic call. It was a 911 hang-up so they had NO IDEA what they were walking into. They were trying to help someone. They gave up their lives, sacrificed THEIR LIVES trying to protect others.

In both cases the suspects were arrested without get shot. But it doesn't always end well. In Philadelphia a guy got shot and killed when he tried to run the cop over with his car. He got pulled over at a traffic stop, I guess he wasn't happy about that so he tried to ram the cop car and hit the cop. Then he ran. Well the cops caught him. When the they did he reached for his pocket, of course the cops assumed he was going for a gun and shot him in the head. The family's complaining he wasn't armed and that he wasn't dangerous. Maybe he stopped being dangerous. He was plenty dangerous when he tried to run the cop over. And, this happens all the time when somebody without a gun ends up getting shot. The family starts yelling and screaming. Well every situation is a little different and you can't just have cops just shooting everybody either.

But, what about when police don't shoot? What about when decides NOT to pull the trigger. Well a cop in West Virginia got FIRED for it. He responded to a domestic call and when he got there the guy was waving a gun around. The cop could of shot him but he didn't and got fired for it.

So the question is, when should the police shoot?

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