What About Real News: Suppose The News Was Just News, Would Anyone Watch It?

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Is anybody interested in real, fact based reporting of the news? News without the political slant and the tailoring of information to fit a narrative. According to Gallup 7 in 10 Americans don't trust the media. One thing is for sure there's a lot of what's being called news that really isn't news. You could more classify it as propaganda, or at least reporting that doesn't classify as journalism. Maybe the real issue is whether or not it supports their way of thinking which is why I say it's propaganda. If the news was just real news would anyone watch it?

In the late 1800's and early 1900's there was a popular form of entertainment called Vaudeville. Vaudeville was a show that was made up of different forms of entertainment wrapped into one show. Freak shows, racial bigotry, bar room nonsense and dime museums that played out all kinds of weird quasi-scientific stuff. So basically it was just like cable news is today.

The Vaudeville shows gave rise to another phenomena you might have heard of. The peanut gallery. The peanut gallery was a term that referred to the cheap seats at the show. People would sit in these upfront seats and throw peanuts at the performers. When I was growing up it was a term used to describe someone making a stupid comment. It was usually the response to something sarcastic. Something my brothers and I did regularly. When we did it the person on the receiving end would usually say something like, "we've heard enough from the peanut gallery."

Doesn't all that kind of describe what we see going on with the national, big corporate media and cable news? We call it news but isn't it really just bad entertainment? And, the result is the same. A bunch of people responding with crappy unwelcome comments. The result is the crap show of American news and politics we see play out every day.

Which brings up a big question. Suppose the news was just news. Real, fact based information. Reporting without bias or opinions. Would anybody watch it?

So hit the play button!

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