FBI Scandal And The Trump Dossier

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

More than a few sparks have been flying over allegations about certain things that have happened the FBI. Depending on where you get your news you might not even know it. There's questions about whether the FBI engaged in activity against president Trump. All this is shrouded in the so-called Russia scandal. Did Trump collude with Russian? Which one is right?

I suppose time will tell but as far as I'm concerned we already have the answers. The answers are in plain view. The first thing I'll say is that if you haven't looked at the Trump Dossier you need to look at it. Just google Trump Dossier and you'll find it. It's not long. Take a look at that document and you tell me what you think is going on. I'll explain more about that.

One thing is for sure. Whichever side is right, if either one is true this is the biggest scandal our government has ever faced. The sad thing is the false and misleading propaganda. This whole story really tears at the issue of fake news and the sad state of affairs of our media.

So hit the play button!

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