Government Shut Down: The Real Issue

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

The Federal Government shut down again and nobody's talking about the underlying problem. Why is that? Why isn't anybody talking about the debt problem? That's the whole thing that's driving this. The Federal Government has to go back and beg for more money to keep the doors open.

Here we are again. The federal government is shut down. Who cares? Why would we care that this dysfunctional, corrupt worthless government is shut down? Maybe it’s a good thing.

You wouldn’t know it from the news. They act like it’s a catastrophe. What catastrophe? Because parks are closed? That’s the big catastrophe?

I guess it’s a catastrophe if you’re in the military. They won’t get paid. They’ll tell you oh don’t worry you’ll get the back pay. Ok, what about a young private first class who has a baby to feed? What do you tell him?

But, let me ask you this, why isn’t anyone talking about the underlying issue here? Have you noticed that? Nobody’s talking about the debt problem. That’s the whole reason this is even possible, and nobody is even talking about it!

This has been going on for at least thirty years now I can remember. It seems every year we’re talking about threats of a government shut down or an actual shutdown. Why does this continue to go on? What does it say about how dysfunctional our government is?

So hit the play button!

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