Why Is History Being Rewritten?

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Why Is History Being Rewritten? Why are there people changing our history? Do you think they're making changes to reflect some new found information? New facts that somehow shed a different light on actual events or is there another agenda? I haven't seen anything to suggest there's been some newly discovered information about the history of this country so why would the history of our country be re-written now?

I don't know a lot of people that are history buffs but let me ask you, do you think it's important to preserve the history of country? Should future generations know our history?

I can think of two examples that reflect why it's important to teach and know history. The United States Marine Corps from day one of recruit training teaches Marine Corps history. It's engrained in every Marine. And, the Jewish people for thousands of years have made history a central part of their education. Why? Why do the Marine Corps and Jewish people do this?

Who cares about history in the first place? Why does it even matter? There's a simple answer. Whether you think it's important or not, our history defines us. The good and the bad. History shapes the culture of a nation there's no way around that. Is it always changing and evolving? Of course it is, but that doesn't changer the facts or the story. If the facts haven't changed why is the history being changed?

The question of whether history is being re-written has come up fairly regularly lately. Let's talk about what it means.

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