We Are Now Able To Edit DNA - But What Are The Implications

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Have you ever seen the movie Jurrasic Park? Great movie if you like dinosaurs. A group of scientists were fired to clone dinosaurs. Bring them back to life which they did. All to create a theme park. But, things didn't exactly go as planned. The dinosaurs learned how to break free from the protective barriers and decided to snack on some of the visitors. In the movie the dinosaurs we're cloned from fossil DNA. Does that sound like a science fiction movie? Well it was except now it might be possible. Crazy right except this is no theme park we're talking about here.

Everything has a genetic code. Every living thing, from cantaloupe to CANCER, cockroaches and kittens and even Eels and Ebola. They all have a genetic code. It's like the recipe for how things are created. It's been around since the origin of life, one of life's great mysteries. Here's the freaky thing. Now it can be changed, by humans.

It's called DNA editing. Humans revising the genetic code. It's here. It's being done as we speak. What is it? What are the implications? Where's this all headed. Why would anyone want to mess with this?

So hit the play button!

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