Christmas in Combat

Christmas in combat. You might say oh that sounds horrible we should feel bad for everybody deployed right now. I have to tell you as a young Marine I really didn't mind being deployed over the holidays I think my four years in the Marine Corps I spent one of Christmas at home

Either because I was deployed or I was too far away to afford flying home but either way I didn't really mind being in combat during Christmas. And I seriously doubt whether any young Marine would prefer to be home over being in combat at Christmas. I don't know I'm sure to some are you at sounds pretty freaky but I don't know if you've never lived it you probably just wouldn't understand it

That's what we were made to do to fight that's what we signed up to do that's what we were trying to do and when the opportunity arose that's what we did. We were proud of it and we didn't expect the cycle of war to be tailored to your whimsical needs of being with family on some particular holiday.

Is it a sacrifice I suppose but quite frankly for me personally it was an honor and I think a lot of other Marines would feel the same way. I can't speak for the other branches I don't know what they have to say about it. But you know there's lots of other people that make sacrifices in terms of giving up holiday talk time with family.

The police don't get to just stop because it's Christmas in fact some of these departments will be working overtime horrific things still happen on Christmas sometimes at an increased rate as people fall into depression. You got doctors nurses and medical staff and a whole bunch of other people that have to keep working on Christmas.

And we should all be thankful for the sacrifice those people make but this show is about Christmas in combat.

So hit the play button!

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