The NFL Nightmare Just Got Worse: Malik McDowell

The NFL's image just got a little worse with the release of a video showing the arrest of Malik McDowell at a nightclub in Atlanta Georgia. Drunk little Malik apparently grew some beer muscles, verbally attacked a female officer and yelled racial epithets at the arresting officer. But drunk and disorderly isn't what this is about. That happens all the time.

Have you noticed you don't hear much about the NFL anymore? What happened? Just a few weeks ago it was BIG news. NFL players were kneeling for the national anthem and THAT was the big story. The whole country was talking about it. Some people fought for it, some people fought against it. NFL ratings tumbled but the game goes on. But, why isn't it news anymore? Maybe that's a good thing kind of a cooling off period and now this rookie just brought more negative press.

The NFL's problems kind of took off with the whole kneeling for the anthem thing. And what was that really about? I mean look, if this cause of the players was sooooooo important that they would destroy their entire industry over it, that's what they did they destroyed the industry. If it was that important where did it go? What happened that all of the sudden it's not important anymore? Nobody cares. Nobody cares about the protest and nobody cares about the NFL. Why?

So hit the play button!

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