Biggest Threat to America

What do you think the biggest threat is to this country and our way of life? I had this conversation with a guy recently and when I told him where I was coming from he was blown away. Nobody is talking about this the way I'm laying it out there but once I explain it people see it right away.

The guys I was talking to the other day is a black guy and he started talking about division in America. How divided we are. He articulated the whole thing well and I agreed with some of the points he made. He said he thought the making of a race war were in place and that's a mantra I've heard coming from plenty of white people too.

I asked him, I said why is that? Why do you think there's a race war brewing? I said look I don't know you, I just met you. You're black I'm white and were getting along just fine. How do you see a race war brewing? He had a fascinating answer to that. I realized right away the HE, like a lot of other people, like most of the rest of the country has been duped by the politicians and main stream media.

Those corrupt people, some that are completely lacking in integrity have duped us. They've fooled us. They've pit us versus them except the them is us. Black, white, Latino, Asian it doesn't matter we're all Americans. If that doesn't work they go for political affiliation. It's an age old tactic to build support - find a common enemy even if you have to make it up. And, we've been fooled into thinking that all the problems are THEM when it's US! We're all in this mess together but there are solutions and I want to talk about that too.

So hit the play button!

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