Church Shooting

What would you do if you were sitting in church and someone opened fire with a gun? Just imagine the scene for a second. You're sitting in church, maybe your kids are in the nursery or kids church. You're sitting in the pew listening to a sermon, reflecting on the message maybe thinking about what it means to you. Maybe thinking about your relationship with God trying to make sense, trying to find peace in a crazy world and all of the sudden the unthinkable happens. Gun shots. What would you do? Have you ever thought about it? Or, do you take the it will never happen to me approach? But it does happen, probably more than you think.

Church shooting, mass murders, slaughters of church goers when you think about it rates right up there with the most heinous of crimes. Innocent people, women, children being gunned down in a place they'd least expect it.

This weekend I was in London Ohio visiting my friend and Marine Corps brother Jarad Williams who owns and manages EGA defense. He owns a gun range, CCW training and consulting. I had a rare opportunity to spend the weekend with him one on one, shoot with and watch him speak for nearly 3 hours to a group of over 100 church leaders and parishioners. Let me tell you what I learned.

So hit the play button!

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