Trump Dossier: The TRUTH

There has been a resurgence of talk about the Trump dossier. How often do you hear the word dossier used? How often do you hear it in the media or casual conversation? Never. So, why is it so big now?

It's a play on the idea of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Which in a way there was. The Trump campaign used information that was probably acquired by the Russians, information that EXPOSED corrupt Hilary Clinton. That's not me saying that, the information is there in plain view. You can deny it but, it's true.

So, the Democrats created a story. Well they hired someone who hired someone to create a story. A story that in the beginning was just dirty politics but, it evolved into something much more than that. Something way more than that. Something we should all be very, very concerned about.

So hit the play button!

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