ISIS Terror Caliphate in Tatters

What happened to ISIS? You know ISIS only ever had about 30,000 fighters compared to our military of over a million. How is it that such a small organization was able to wreak such havoc in the world for such a long period of time? How did that happen? What changed that they were able to be stopped so quickly?

How is that ISIS all of the sudden is gone? What changed? In a word Trump. You don't hear much about though do you? And, why's that?

I've really resisted saying this but after going through this ISIS thing and seeing it come full circle.

From them coming around in 2003 then taking over half the middle east all while we were watching them on the news in OUR vehicles and tanks'

I've come to the conclusion and I don't know how you come to any other conclusion that the socialist democrats are hell bent on bringing this country down. Just totally destroying it

So hit the play button!

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