How Much Government Is Too Much?

What's the role of government? With everything that's going on in the news today with all the difference of opinion between the Republicans and the Democrats and independents isn't that the real question people are asking?

What exactly do we expect government to do what do we expect government to provide?

Isn't that really the core question? When you get right down to it that's the main argument in this country right now.

It's not a new question not a new question at all but I think it really speaks to the heart of all the problems and division that we see today. Look people have problems, there's always problems, there's always gonna be problems but who's responsible for fixing that?

You see there's a real problem here because the government, our government was set up with one set of expectations and, if the expectations have changed it creates a bunch of problems. What exactly is our government set up to do and not do? What is it even capable of? That's why I believe we see a lot of this talk about changes to the government.

Some people's expectations of government are changing and the government isn't set up to handle it so naturally the people that have those different expectations want to change the government. So what does all that mean?

So hit the play button!

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