Big Corporations Are They Bad?

What's worse big government or big corporations? It used to be both were thought to be bad. What about today?

But the question remains, is big bad? Whether it's corporations or government is big always bad

and, if it is how big is too big? Is big really bad or are people just scared of it? Well there's a history to all this and there's a reason why I'm bringing it up, not just some random fun.

The value of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon combined are worth more than the entire economy of India! Those 4 companies are bigger than a country! Think about that. You've got four companies with massive influence over a huge number of people.

And between those 4, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon think about the data and personal information they have access too. When you consider that the world wide influence of these companies is beyond anything we've ever seen.

It's quite possibly the largest human social experiment ever in the history of the planet.

And, it is an experiment taking us in unchartered waters both in terms of scale and capabilities of these companies.

But the question is who's keeping all that in check? Who's checking to make sure these companies are operating fairly.

Well when you look at some of the things their doing, when you look at how we're being manipulated by the things these companies are doing you might feel a little differently about it.

So hit the play button!

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