Is a Recession Looming?

Back in summer or fall of 2005 I went to Washington DC to see an economic report of the housing forecast for 2006. They said, and they had all these fancy charts and piles of data that said they predicted a slight slowdown but no crash. A soft landing they said. By the end of 2006 the real estate market had evaporated and of course you know the rest of the story of the great recession. So much for the prediction of a soft landing. In many ways the decimated home building industry still has not rebounded.

So the question of the next recession is not a matter of if but when, how bad will it be and how long will it last. You know there's a lot of indications we still haven't really recovered from the last one. The last 10 years of been pretty crappy for the middle class. At least economically speaking.

So when's the next one going to hit and how bad will it be?

So hit the play button!

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