What Is War Like

War is chaos. Violent chaos. You might already know I am a Marine Combat veteran. It's been 28 years since the 9 months I spent in combat. I was deployed for 6 months home 4 days and deployed again for 9 months. It changed me. It's now part of the fabric of who I am and nothing can ever change that. This my story.

War was hard. Coming home and adjusting was harder. I have a photo taken shortly after the war and I can see the intensity in my eyes. Piercing. It's called the 1,000 yard stare and it kind of freaks me out when I see it. Being a Marine is hard. Being in a Marine ground combat unit is intense. Everybody's story is different. Very different. I didn't talk about it for a lot of years. 3 years ago that all changed

So hit the play button!

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