Matt Lauer: Accused of WHAT?

So you have a situation where a guy adds a lock to his office door remote control lock does anybody see the problem with that in itself? Everybody's watching this in disbelief and nobody's talking about criminal charges Isn't that what we should be talking about?

I'm not talking about apologies and I don't want to hear the crocodile tears. If these allegations are true, there should be a criminal investigation. Plain and simple.

Tell me how you'd feel if your daughter or whoever came to you and said that some man had called her and he was office and then locked the door with a remote control lock. How would you respond of that? What would you say to that if it was somebody that you knew on the receiving end of this? If it was a woman who you know your sister your daughter whoever it doesn't matter somebody that you knew What would you say about this happening to them? What would you want to happen to the person who did it I know what I'd be saying and, I'll tell you this much, if that were my daughter there's a good chance I'd be paying this chump a little visit.

See we can't talk like that anymore because men can't be men. You can't just go face somebody man to man any more. This is the place were in now. All the men are gone and this is the perverted sick third worldesque country we live in.

To harsh? Really? Women were being locked in rooms against their will! What society accepts that?

You say well wait a minute, wait just a minute nobody's accepting everybody's OUTRAGED. Oh what and tweeting? I'm talking about criminal charges. This isn't a guy who's mentally ill. This isn't a guy who grew up in a bad neighborhood there's no victim here. This is a powerful and rich man we're talking about.

Right in plain view for the whole country to see. Why do we accept it?

So hit the play button!

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