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America's Next Civil War

November 29, 2017

I think in a lot of ways there's already a civil war going on in this country. It's not being be fought with rifles and armies but there is absolutely an ideological war going on in this country. If you look at the goals of the socialist wing of the democrat party. If you look at their agenda, how they're trying to implement it and how there marching this country toward socialism. If you look at that and consider the number of people in this country who still believe in the constitution, still believe in the American values of personal liberty and freedom. There's a total difference in ideology. It's very black and white with not much gray And, we're left with this constant fighting instead of any focus on real solutions.


When you look at people's opinions on ALL the major issues there is a complete difference of opinion and the split is right down the middle 50/50. One small shift is all it takes to see a massive change in policy. Some of these policies would have a major impact on the country and our way of life.


I put the issues in 2 categories. The first is cultural issues, abortion, gun rights stuff like that. The second is fiscal issues like taxes, the size of government, health care


Personally I wish the government would pretty much stay completely out of cultural issues and have very very limited involvement in fiscal issues.


Not everybody agrees with this. In fact a lot don't and these socialist programs are like a drug.

It's like a bad drug habit you never get rid of.


Look at social security. When you look at the looming budget problem there - it's massive. It's big enough to bring the whole country to it's knees - just that one issue. Look at Greece. If we see a population shift, a demographic shift which is already happening, slowly. The population is getting older it puts a huge burden on the way we do social security. This isn't a secret. People know this but try taking it away. Try doing away with it. People would be rioting. That's one issue. One socialist program.


And the socialist wing of the democrat party wants more! Health Care - remember the promises that it would make health care more affordable - it did the opposite. The affordable care act is a lie. There's nothing affordable about it. It's enslaving us.


Free college. What's free about it? It's a lie and it's a major agenda item for the socialists.


And, they want take all natural resources and give that money to people in the form of government payouts. How tempting does that sound? If you want to see how well that works take a look at Venezuela.


So hit the play button!

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