Income Inequality

When I was a kid my mother was constantly saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. She said it all the time and we'd just kind of nod our heads or sit there with a blank stare because I'm not sure we really understood what she was talking about.

That was the 70's. My mother was a waitress and raised 3 of us. But, we survived. We were basically poor but we survived. All growing up I had one pair of shoes. We didn't go on vacations. I remember eating potato soup for dinner, oatmeal for dinner. But, we survived. We didn't have any of what most kids have today and somehow we did ok. I have fond memories of growing up.

That was the 70's and my mother constantly talked about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Today we call it income inequality. Is it bad that the rich get richer? Or, is it bad the poor get poorer?

When you hear that doesn't it seem to imply that rich people are bad or doing something wrong? And, doesn't it seem to say that things are hopeless? Are they? Are things hopeless? Is the American dream gone? Is the idea that anyone can make it big, is that idea gone?

Income inequality is a real thing. It's very real. If you're not poor, if you're not hungry you might not care. But, if you're feeling kind of hopeless you might care. But what does it mean and what's the cause.

I don't think the answers are what most people are led to believe. I do believe it's a problem but I don't think the cause is what most people think.

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