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If you listened to the show I did for Thanksgiving I talked about the real story of Thanksgiving. The roots of the holiday are spiritual. It was a time to purposely give thanks. Basically for life. Then, as the holiday it evolved, the earliest official Thanksgivings were giving thanks for our constitution. We don't do that anymore. When have you ever heard someone giving thanks for our constitution? Ever?

Should we be thankful for the constitution? Do we take it for granted? Or, have the socialists won and convinced all of us the constitution is too old and not working for us anymore.

Well at least we could take a break from all these sex scandal allegations. Have you ever thought about how many lives have been torn apart by all these sex scandals? How many careers ruined, how many marriages ended, how many families torn apart? Who's next and when is this madness going to end?

This isn't a new thing. Sex scandals are as old as humanity. Have you ever heard the Bible story of David and Bethsheba? This is the story of King David of Israel a favorite of God. He had an affair with a woman who was the wife of one of his generals. She became pregnant and King David essentially ordered the death of his general.

David is a bible hero. How do you reconcile that story with everything you see going on now? I want to talk about that. How is it King David is a BIBLE HERO and he cheated with the wife of one of his closest generals then KILLS him to cover it up. And he's a hero.

We'll talk more about that but believe it or not there is more going on that just sex scandals.

So hit the play button!

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