Are People Good or Bad?

It's an age old question: are people inherently good or bad? To put it another way are people basically selfish or more or less cooperative? And, I guess you could also ask who cares? We'll I tell you why I brought it up.

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how some great minds, brilliant people have been advocates of communism. You have some incredible brilliant people that support communist and socialist ideas. And, I've often wondered what drives that way of thinking? Why would someone who clearly had an advanced level of intelligence, why would someone incredible smart support something so clearly destructive. And, it comes down to a basic perspective.

Do you think people are generally good or do you think people are generally bad. The way you answer that question for yourself is going to answer how you feel about a whole bunch of other things and political views is one of them.

The results are split almost exactly 50/50. Just as many people feel people are inherently good as there are people that feel people are inherently bad. Is it ironic that political views seem to follow just about the same split?

But, the question is how does it affect people's political views? Whether or not you view people as generally good or generally bad - how does that shape your political views. Well think about it, if a person believes people are good they probably also believe that ideals like communism have a higher chance of succeeding. But, if you believe people are mostly bad then you probably want to see more protection of individual rights.

So hit the play button!

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