Bribery and Corruption

New Jersey Senator Menedez has been charged with violations under Federal bribery law. The trial brings up a few big picture questions. Should siting politicians be able to accept expensive gifts from what they describe as friends? Now, stop and think about this a second. If an ordinary citizen had a wealthy friend and some do, what's the harm if that ordinary citizen accepts a from his wealthy friend? And, how often does that happen? How often do wealthy people go around giving away expensive gifts to friends. If you stop and consider it a minute it probably happens more than you think.

Think about professional athletes. How often do you think they buy things for friends, host expensive parties or bring along friends on trips? It probably goes on quite a bit, right? And, if you're on the receiving end of it it's tempting right? Who wants to turn down a nice a gift? What's the harm in someone sharing in their success especially with people close to them.

What about when that friend happens to be a politician? Should politicians be able to accept expensive gifts from anyone? And, what limits should there be on what they can accept? What's considered a gift, what's considered appropriate? And, why are so many politicians getting rich while their in office? Is that ok, that we have a small army of politicians and their getting filthy rich while there in office. Rich far beyond what the government salary provides. Is that ok?

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