Roy Moore Scandal

Last week news broke that a political candidate in Alabama, Roy Moore was accused of having inappropriate relationships with young girls. And, of course all the opinions and accusations start flying around. Everybody has all the answers when really nobody knows.

But, here's the thing. I was listening to a conservative commentator the other day. I'm not going to mention any names. I don't need to do that. And, I'll tell you this is someone I highly respect. It doesn't mean I agree with him all the time but I respect him.

So he comes out and says he's not declaring Roy Moore guilty without a trial. He said he's not ready to even say that Roy Moore is guilty without a trial. Ok, I respect that. I really do.

But, where's that consideration for Hilary? Now, before you throw up your hands in anger I'm not trying to defend Hilary.

All I'm saying is right is right and fair is fair. Nobody wins by changing the rules in favor of their team. Nobody wins with that. That's the whole reason WE, the taxpayers keep losing this game.

Isn't that a big part of the problem we face? Isn't it the hypocrisy on both sides that create a lot of the division that we all complain about?

Look I'm going to share my opinion about this Roy Moore thing. It's my opinion and I'm going to walk you through the logic of my reasoning.

I want to talk about the Roy Moore case but I also want to look at the bigger picture of these sexual harassment allegations that are flying around everywhere at this point.

So hit the play button!

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