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It dawned on me, looking over the news over the past 2 weeks that there's an all-out war on white men going on. 2 weeks ago the DNC announced 8 new job openings and get this, the literally said white men need not apply. That's not racist. Not one bit.

But, let's face it 2 weeks ago in today's universe is like an eternity. 2 weeks ago might as well be 1,000 years ago and the blatant racism of the DNC against whites really doesn't matter because they've found a much, much more effective strategy. Paint white men as sexual predators. And, it's worked so effectively the republicans are playing right along calling out all the democrat sexual predators. But, I don't think that an ideology that is comfortable eating eats young has any problem whatsoever sacrificing a few white men for the cause.

We also learned who really controls the elections in this country and it's not the Russians.

The republican tax plan passed the house so it will move on to the senate. Is it a plan or a scam? We'll talk about that a little bit.

This is great, the democrats are trying to impeach Trump. And, their really, really serious this time because as they say, he's a threat to the country. A threat to whom, exactly? It can't be immigrants because citizenship applications are the highest levels in years. So who's he a threat too? I'll tell you who I think he's a threat too.

And, nobody cares about this any more because, well it's ancient news at this point too and besides all the politicians are afraid to show their faces because they'll probably get caught in some sex scandal they were involved in 30 years ago. But that doesn’t make this any less tragic.

26 people slaughtered inside a church including a baby shot in the face. You'd think this would be enough that maybe, just maybe we could have an intelligent, rational discussion on guns but probably not.

And, the 3rd largest bank has been ripping off hundreds of thousands of customers in broad daylight. Isn't this a funny twist, now the bank robs you. Who do you call to report that?

So hit the play button!

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