New Tax Plan or Scam?

Congress is working on a republican sponsored tax plan. Are you in favor of it? How can you be? How can you understand it? It started as tax reform now their calling it tax cuts. Which is it and why the confusion on such a basic thing? These are the questions we're discussing today.

So the president and at least some members of congress think lowering taxes will push more money into the economy, create economic growth and actually increase tax revenues. Basically a lower tax rate on a larger amount of money.

There is some analysis to support the idea and of course the whole concept is championed by Ronald Reagan who is hailed in conservative circles as some kind of economic guru. But, was he? Was Reagan really that great? Not everyone thinks so.

I think the thing on just about everybody's mind is how do we lower taxes when there's so much debt. And that needs to be a part of this conversation.

So hit the play button!

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