Election Day: The Big Picture

How are elections decided? Why does it seem like the winning candidate is never the most popular with voters? How and who is influencing our elections? Those are the questions we're asking today.

Of course last week's election results produced plenty of drama. But, what about the big picture?

How are elections decided and do the election results reflect popular opinions? Probably not is the short answer.

How does voter turnout skew the results so that the elected candidates don't necessarily reflect popular opinion. The answer might surprise you.

Well talk through the election process and ask the tough the questions. How do age demographics impact the election? What about unions, should government employee unions such as the teachers union be prohibited from political involvement. It's a contentious question but one thing is for sure, the union exercises a big influence in our elections.

With all that, one can be done to make the election process easier and attract more voters? Why is here in America we only get 50-60% turnout but places like Belgium get as high as 95%? Maybe this is a crazy question but why are the elections fixed on just one day? What would happen is say it were spread out over a month?

So hit the play button!

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