The Democrat National Committee just sent out an email for 8 new job openings saying whites need not apply. They said, straight, white males need not apply, their already in the majority.

They basically just said white people aren't welcome. And the reason, they said because they're already in the majority.

I'm no lawyer but do anti-discrimination laws allow an employer to discriminate because of the number currently employed? So if a company has too many women can they say women need not apply? And, boy they really narrowed this down didn't they? They said straight, white males need not apply. So I guess it's open to gay, white males? What if somebody's confused but unsure, does that qualify? If someone is unsure about their sexual identity how's that fit in?

And, how do they check? I thought it was illegal to even ask questions like this.

Now some people will make the argument that it's for diversity. We need more diversity because well diversity is a good thing and we're going to get diversity one way or the other even if it means going the racist route and even if it means breaking laws. But they didn't say anything about diversity. They said white people stay away - because your white.

Imagine for a second the NFL came out and said black males need not apply. Imagine they said no more black males. No more black males their already in the majority. What would people be saying if the NFL said no more black players, we have enough. How do you think people would react to that? What would people say? Don't you think there'd be people screaming from the rooftops?

So hit the play button!

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