Happy Birthday!

You may not have thought about this but do you know what today is? You don't know? It's the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. I want to talk about what that means but also what every American can learn from it.

Earlier this week we were talking about this Kevin Spacey thing.

And have considered the practical implications of our moral views? Specifically what I mean is, where is the line drawn between normal, healthy sexual behavior and deviant, destructive behavior.

You might have heard this: More news came out about the corruption in the Hilary campaign and how they robbed Bernie Sanders.

Who cares if Bernie Sanders got robbed but have you considered why do we need political parties?

You might have heard enough of this and you might be confused about it but I have some information on these fake Russian ads but more importantly the current state of disinformation.

But, hey it's Friday!

So hit the play button!

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