Political Turmoil

Did you hear about the John McCain interview? He came out and said, "we're going through a period of turmoil politically". It's NOT what he said that I find interesting. It's the source.

Is he speaking of all the damage he's done in his 35 years in office? What exactly is he talking about and why would he say this now?

Remember this is the guy that turned over the fake trump dossier to the FBI and claims that he had no further communication with the FBI in regard to the dossier. And I want to know if he turned over that dossier after the election because if he did I think he should be investigated for treason. Is that the political turmoil he's talking about?

So here's another career politician a guy who's made millions of dollars in office a guy who's built his platform on the basis of being a veteran and veterans can't stand him He's gotten himself involved in this Trump dossier scandal, He's a traitor to the party he no longer represents the American people. He did a complete about-face on repealing Obamacare and now he's gonna sit here and lecture us on political turmoil. Fantastic politics as usual. We're also talking about the shooting in Texas. Of course it brings up the argument of gun control. And, I also we'll talk about the new tax bill and a bunch of other great stuff!

So hit the play button!

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