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I don't know if you'll agree with this or nor but, when I look at everything going on right now I feel like either nobody's making any sense or I've lost all sensibilities, almost like up in alternate freaking universe.

Some of the stuff going on is bizarre.

Like this one: Is Russia giving up on democracy? The answer on that is not yet but moving closer.

Imagine if it were a crime for not standing for the anthem, what do you think of that? Well it's a real thing and I'll tell you about it.

Are we all paying a tax for football, yeah sort of, – this will blow your mind.

Then we have North Korea and I’m revising my prediction again.

Imagine there were trips you could take to Mars. Would you want to check it out? It's being worked on.

Also, the Marine Corps Birthday is coming up in 2 days and I want to talk about some of the accomplishments of female Marines

I’ve mentioned a few times about how robots will soon be available for personal use. What questions do you have on the advancement of technology and the future of man kind?

Are you aware the president has authorized more aid going to Puerto Rico. Is it good or too little too late?

And consider the impact of this! The presidents Twitter account was shut down. Is this a good thing or an all out crisis?

So hit the play button!

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