Day 289 of Draining the Swamp

Day 289 of draining the swamp.

Let me ask you something of liberals are so liberal why do they work so hard to shut up and shut down conservatives.

No jail time for Bird Gal - the Army traitor - makes me sick. The whole world has to be just laughing at this. The whole stinkin thing the way Obama paraded this jerk and weirdo family around to the way they released 5 guys from Gitmo for this loser. The lousey judge comes out and says Trumps comments would be viewed as mitigating circumstances? What? What the hell is that?

Where do I start?

Would you vote for Mark Zuckerberg for president. He's considering running.

The NFL is destroying itself from within. Now the owners and players are fighting. I'm not going to talk much about this because I know it's grown tired. But, you know I called it so I have to give you a little update just to show you that every once in a while I'm right.

Have you noticed how many people have tattoos? Why? What suddenly made tattoos so popular? More and more people are taking it further with ear gauges, nose piercings, split tongues. Could it be possible there really was a mass alien abduction?

This one is fascinating. How often do you see a genuinely evil person? Have you ever? You know a person that you can just feel it in your spine the evil exuding from the person. Wait until you hear the story of Niko Jenkin.

No surprise here, they've been rounding up and arresting Trump campaign people. Do you notice anything interesting about the timing? The news breaks about the Trump dossier scandal being paid for by the Clinton campaign and just like that Trump people are thrown in jail.

A federal court judge, here we go again with the judges, bans Trump from banning transgender in the military. Why do you think this is happening? How many transgender people are there? Why would this be so important in the name of this so-called equality?

The black plague is back but this one is different. I wonder if a travel ban from those countries will be allowed. Let me ask you this, if there was a widespread outbreak here do you think the government is prepared to deal with it?

That's it, that's the show, all weird stuff. Stuff you wouldn't have dreamed a year ago.

I told you weird always gets weirder.

So hit the play button!

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