Sunday: Special Edition

The Trump dossier has been talked to death and yet no one is reporting the whole story, why? This is probably the biggest news in a hundred years and nobody is catching the main point.

I know you’re probably not interested in talking about taxes and budgets but why are republicans proposing a budget that increases federal spending 2,3,4 times the rate of inflation? There’s no reason or explanation just FAT spending covered in veil of small tax cuts.

Are the earthquakes in California affecting people’s brains? I have to ask because there's a story about a California billionaire running a $10 million dollar campaign to unseat the president of the United States – this story will blow your mind.

And this is a small issue but I wonder why it is so hard to get decent, accurate information about a basic issue. Is the new $15 minimum wage in Seattle killing restaurants? You might be surprised.

So hit the play button!

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