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Let me ask you something, do you feel optimistic? When you see everything going on in the news do you get a warm and fuzzy? A poll by CNBC says Americans are really optimistic about the economy. Have you ever participated in a pole. I've asked this question before and nobody has ever told me yes. So, who's doing these polls?

I don’t know if you remember this. TV before cable. It was basically the nightly news and maybe a show here and there or a movie feature once in a while. Then cable came along and HBO was big. All the sudden people were watching a lot more TV. PRISM became big then sports were available on cable. Then, it was just 2008 MySpace was big - that was social media. That year MySpace had more visitors than google. It was basically I way to share photos with family and friends. But look how it's all changed and so quickly. And, look how people are spending their time. Here's my question: Have you ever considered how much time you waste between TV and social media.

There's a guy in California, a billionaire, that just launched himself into the lime light last week when started a $10 dollar campaign to impeach Trump. Well I thought it might be fun to talk about who he is and what he stands for. The question here is do you agree with wealthy individuals using advertising and media to try and over throw the president?

So hit the play button!

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