Velvet Revolution

Not so big news, at least not by itself: The Trump Dossier.

Do you believe in truth and freedom? I know it sounds like a strange question but I have to ask because I'm just not so sure any more.

America it's time.

This is deep. Probably some of the deepest talk you'll ever hear. But, this isn't some radical rant. This is serious. Serious of the highest nature. You won't hear what I'm about to share with you form the main stream media. In fact, I don't think you'll hear it anywhere else but ALL of the facts and information I am going to give you are readily available and in plain view. It's undeniable. The consequences of what's happening are unimaginable.

I'm serious, dead serious and if you take the time to listen to this it's going to be very clear and

for that reason I'm going to give you another fair warning. This is scary stuff. It's not made up and it's not a joke.

So hit the play button!

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