Decriminalized or Legal?

There's a little restaurant in Tucson Arizona. I should say there was. It's closed now. It was your basic mom and pop American, what we would call in my area dinner. The owners are saying they were FORCED to close.

Because after coming out publicly on Trash Book, the restaurants Trash Book page supporting Trump they started getting death threats. People were threating to burn the place down and, the owners say that for safety reasons they needed to shut down.

There's no privacy and the right to free speech has really become watered down but, one thing technology has exposed is the hypocrisy. So many people saying one thing and doing another. That's called a hypocrite. That's what a hypocrite does, they say one thing and do another. We've got all these preachers. All these people that scream about everything that’s wrong and tell everybody else what they should and shouldn't be doing and thinking.

Justin Timberlake is doing the Super Bowl half time show this year. They should have Chelsea Manning singe the anthem while all the players sit Indian style.

The majority of Americans have smoked marijuana. So why is it still illegal? I guess maybe I should ask you do you think it should be legal? Not everyone agrees and the most common argument I hear is that there is a fear of it becoming a gateway drug. That people will smoke a little weed, like it and move on to crack or something like that. I would argue the opposite but that's not what I'm talking about.

So hit the play button!

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