Ban What?

So here we are Halloween is coming and I know you could probably care less. I don't care either.

I'm surprised we even have Halloween any more. Haven't we learned how BAD sugar is for kids.

BAD BAD BAD sugar. More evil than guns and Donald Trump combined. So why hasn't there been a call to ban Halloween. It seems there's bans on everything else that our well-meaning politicians decide are bad for us. If there's enough support and popularity for the movement, anything can get banned.

Did you hear 2 weeks ago the US pulled out of UNESCO? Had you ever even heard of it? What is it? Does anyone even know - or care for that matter? It sounds like either a bad Halloween mask or another wasteful, bizarre government program. Whatever it is were withdrawing

Anyway we're sitting on top of a giant supersize volcano. But don't worry we employ about 1,000 super brains to study it every day so we know if it's going to erupt.

Trump is saying, he's pushing hard that tax cuts are coming. Is anyone even excited about lower taxes?

I don't think anyone cares.

So hit the play button!

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